Pauli "Gwaur" Marttinen

Picture of meI am Pauli Marttinen. Music, and more precisely conducting, is my passion in life. Right now I'm studying composition and theory at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and as an instrumentalist I have a strong background with percussion instruments and piano.

If, for any reason, you want me to conduct an orchestra, just contact me through one of the means below. I'll appreciate any opportunity, with no limits on style, ensemble or era.


I was born August 15th, 1989 in Kouvola, Finland. I grew up in a family of musicians where my father is a clarinetist and bassoonist, my mother a violinist, my brother a guitarist, and my other brother a drummer. Our household had many instruments, but I wasn't able to concentrate on a single one unlike my brothers, so I evolved into a multi-instrumentalist.

I started my actual music studies only at the age of 19, and I began to play the percussion instruments and horn. After a couple of years I applied for the Lahti Conservatory to percussion studies and was accepted. Today I continue playing the horn as a hobby.

My dream is to become a conductor. I love Romantic symphonic music, and my favourite composers are Liszt and Rachmaninoff. I have also composed music all my life, starting with pop-rock music but eventually turning into orchestral and chamber music. My style is conservatively based on tonality, but I seek trichord based rich harmonies, original melodies and enchanting orchestration. I'm also a fan of the stereotypical, classic "Nintendo" style video game music, and occasionally incorporate peculiarities of that genre in my music.

Interests besides music

Natural sciences, and physics in particular, are an interest for me. Even though I'm not mathematically gifted enough to really understand the maths in physics, I'm interested in knowing the surface of things like extra dimensions, time and gravity. Sometimes I also spend my time drawing and playing games, watching films and anime, making web pages, or just chatting with buds on the Internet.

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